Socio - Economic

Excessive and disproportionate use of subsidized chemical fertilizers has significantly degraded the quality of agriculture land in India. This has resulted in stagnation of yields and has affected the quality of farm produce. It has also resulted in excessive use of pesticides affecting farmer health due to inhalation of pesticide mist.

We continually educate and train farmers in rural India towards balanced soil nutrition, crop rotation and use of organic fertilizers. This has a dual benefit of increased yields for the farmer and long term sustainable agriculture practices.

Our product helps people at the Bottom of the Pyramid by giving an opportunity to advance to higher income levels and hence the possibility of an improved quality of life.


Use of our organic fertilizers and emphasis towards organic farming practices has an immediate and direct benefit to the environment and farmers and their families. Use of our products significantly reduces and in many cases eliminates the need of chemical fertilizers and pesticides from the farming process.

Our organic fertilizers significantly improve the condition of the soil, in which crops are grown. They also produce crops that have no chemical residues and a higher nutrient content. This has a direct impact to the health of the end-consumers, who are increasingly becoming aware of the ill effects of consuming products grown with chemicals fertilizers.

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