SuperSero Content:

SuperSero is a bio-organic plant nutrient made from a mixture of botanical extracts and natural minerals of the highest quality. Highly energized SuperSero particles sprayed finely onto the leaf surface helps to increase the rate of photosynthesis in plants. SuperSero improves immunity and growth in plants resulting in higher yields and better quality produce.

SuperSero Advantages:

  • SuperSero increases the crop yield and improves quality
  • Reduces the water requirement in plants
  • Accelerates the plant growth
  • Plants with SuperSero are stronger and healthier
  • Improves natural resistance against diseases and pests leading to reduction in use of pesticides


Application Guide:

How to Use SuperSero:

SuperSero should be mixed with water and dispersed on the leaves of a crop in the form of mist produced by a spraying tool. It can be applied using any commercially available pesticide sprayer. Apply SuperSero during early morning or evening. Do not apply SuperSero in direct sunlight.


Foliar application: 350gms. of "SuperSero-Organic Plant Nutrition" in 70 Lt. of water per 1/2 acre


When to use SuperSero:

SuperSero can be applied once or several times:

  • At the beginning of the growing period, after the plant shows first few leaves
  • At the time of flowering
  • At the time of fruit growing and ripening

SuperSero should be applied at regular intervals of 10-14 days during the vegetation period. For optimum results, use at least three doses at an interval of 10-14 days of the previous application.

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